Thursday, April 30, 2009

Buy our T-shirt today!!

Hey folks!! Finally our club T-shirt it's here!!! It looks nice right? =)

Now you can get one for yourself with only - RM50 RM20!!!
What are you waiting for? Place your orders NOW!! =)
P/S : Isn't our mascot.... kuteee~~~~ =P

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let's go to Malacca!

Gonna add something here =) Those who are interested please contact any of the people mentioned below:

1. Anderson (016-8181233)
2. Malcolm (012-7039212)
3. Julia (019-8842504)
4. Sasithra (012-7082404)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SPCA candid shots!

Last Saturday, we've organized our SPCA community service and it was awesome!!! =DDDD

Thanks to all who had participated in it! Although is a tiring work, we still have time to camwhore candid-shooting =D...

Here's some of the best ones =P

Anderson the President : I'm the most prettiest hottest entaoest handsomest president in the WHOLE WORLD, and I'm gonna pikat all the females here! wuahahahaha :D

Yasmin : =.="

Meow~~~ (with a mustache)

Mr Cat : What do you want? wanna taste my teeth???

Doggiee~~~~ He looks round

Oh... this food is nice! *rawr*

This is the animals OUR shoes!! =P

Haaaaaaaa~~~~ watch do what arh???

Anderson the President : Yuuu~~~~ kitty kitty kitty~~~~

Mr Cat : Don't molest touch me! I'm straight :P

Cat on the left : Waah!! See... even a human (Anderson) also attracted to meee!!!

Cat on the right : Cheh~ Don't syok sendiri laaa.. He just want to pick up the kutus on your head!

Acting innocent~~

And after we do all these...

Our participants photo - 14 humans and 1 monkey human.

And so this is the end of our candid shots =D

We finished about 2 pm, everyone enjoyed the day very much! Satisfied as we lend our helping hands to help those animals who need it. (although some are quite naughty.. hehe)

This is an another memorable event for our club! There's still a lot of upcoming events.. don't forget to join us in tommorow's community clean-up!

Tudooos! =P

Hey! That's my mom's car!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Community Clean-Up

Wanna make our college brighter?

Hey folks! For those who missed the SPCA community service or our previous events, here's another chance! =)

It's called the community clean-up. It just like a "gotong-royong" to clean our college compounds. Because you know, nowadays, garbages won't stay in dustbins anymore.. HAHA!

These are the details of the event

Date : Wednesday, 15th April 2009
Time : 3.45 pm - 5.15 pm
Venue : TUC Main Campus

For those who want to lend their hands, please give your name to Thilagesh (017-5451986) or Anderson (016-8181233) ASAP!

We expect about 20 to 30 volunteers. Remember, the spaces are LIMITED! So please register yourself ASA-almost-impossible. [lol?]

So, pick up the brooms and start sweeping!! =D

We'll see you there! =)

P/S : Please don't dress cool-ly on that day, you know? You'll return home un-cool later.. LOL!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

SPCA Community Service

Picture of SPCA Ampang Jaya
Source :

*Ignore the "jumble sale" tag*
Hey Ho! We're here to inform that we're going to have our SPCA community service at the place called *see the picture*.

Date : 11th April 2009 (Saturday)
Time : 8.00 am - 2.00 p.m.
Venue : SPCA Ampang Jaya

Sorry to inform that the slots have been full filled! But that's ok =) This is just ONE OF OUR MANY events that we're helding =)

Anyway, for those who are going there, please help those animals with your helping hands. These animals don't need any other than food, drink, shelter, and mate. Make a change!

Wow... it's gonna be interesting ;)

Haha.. because.. more candid shots coming! :P

Revised Casa Subang Bus Schedule

Due to some reasons, I can't copy paste here (dunno it's because of Blogger problem or my new IE8 problem).. anyways... just click and you'll see more clearly our new bus schedule..

We hope that the bus problems is solved. Should you have any problems, please contact anyone of us or visit our forum @

Please be punctual anyway, although the bus never punctual.. LOL!! XD